Graphics Options with Samsung Galaxy A5(2017)


I’m playing on a Samsung Galaxy A5(2017) and I cannot pick the better graphic settings to be precise, they are missing completely. I know this is intended on devices who probably unable to run on this settings but to be honest, I’m very sure I can use these settings without any problems. I played dozens of other high quality games from the playstore and I can run any of these games on max. settings without performance issues.
So I’m asking the developers for a closer look and to consider this phone for the higher graphic settings.
Thanks for your attention.

I will bump this once.
I would be grateful for any reply from the developers because it determines my future with this game. I’m thinking about investing money but only if there is any chance I don’t have to play with this crippled graphic settings anymore.

Thanks for your attention.

Use the in-game support button. They than can take a closer look, because they have all the needed information, regarding your device etc

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