More MOTD Space?

I have everyone promoted to officer in my alliance not only for war but also to use officers chat for announcements. I never have enough space in the message of the day, so the only thing that ever goes in there is war truces and any other important info that I’m able to fit. It’s a pain when u can’t fit everything u want in there. I’m suggesting we have more MOTD space…


I suggest that and also maybe that you can scroll though messages from different officiers and other ranks


I like this. More space would help or different banners for each chat.Alliance, officer and strategy. Give each its own banner so we can relay important info on each format and situation. :slight_smile:


@KINGPIN1134 ooh that’s a better idea lol

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Mix that with the commanders mass message sent in mail for direct contact with members. Between the chat limit and sending PMs to everyone it would be nice just to have a mass message option that is separated from the chat system all together.


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