Multiple 4000 gold offers

4000 gold is around 80 euros.

We have a broken game for at least a week now.

We got a terrible new hero who’s not a healer, support or damage.

Other updates are terrible, meta PvP didn’t got a new chance in months.

I can continue this list.

But now you guys ask us to pay 240euros to get this new terrible deals while this whole game is broken.

We also have some extra 100 euro deals so if we go full paying we spent 600 euros for a broken game?

@Muninn @Huginn

Besides your team’s messup is 600 euro a month going to be a thing to keep competitive without spending on crates, energy, actual stuff you personally work on, gold for refills, actually opening the game.

I’m not posting this in our discord leadership for a reason, I’d like that you guys pick it up again, then I’ll use my credit card again.

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game plays normal
every hero is bad if you dont use em right
these deals are an option. nobody is forcing you to do an option.

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More then a week and they saying the chat is fixed but how is fixed. Alliance wars is unplayable because of it. image image many people cant attack bounties and is the last day. They posting screenshots on our discord that it won’t let them. What’s happening with this @Muninn @Huginn

@Muninn @Huginn this is my alliance wars map mate. I don’t think this is how is supposed to be.

contacting customer support may be an option but they not even replying with the automated service now. I was exited when it got announced that it will be one of the biggest updates. But I would like to know when all this will be fixed as is being a very frustrating game for now.

Gotta agree on GIR here. Just have fun, or not, but don’t make a thing about you finding these offers unworthy because it’s terribly cringe to watch.

Well let’s be honest, gold doesn’t go very far in HH. Say what you will about it, but dumping 2.5k gold in one sitting is also cringe.

Then, don’t do it or even consider it.

I’d rather see some bug fixes then new money request, I’ll pay once it works again.

If you don’t see the issue then try to reflect this to your normal life.

You buy a vacuum cleaner, it doesn’t work, you report this to the shop you bought the product, instead of fixing the issue, they offer you a more expensive vacuum cleaner that also doesn’t work.

I can’t remember a bounty that worked normal in the last few months, this one is by far the worst one.


Agree with this post. This is my first complaint ever in this forum - been playing this game for almost a year plus. I don’t mind the offers but some of the complaints related to in game issues have been a constant theme. Would like to hear from dev’s - either a timeline or plans to address these issues. If the response is going to be cant commit to a timeline that is going to be pretty disappointing.


People don’t seem to understand that I pay monthly for a game.

My game doesn’t work, so I get annoyed for a service I pay for that doesn’t work.

People who say I shouldn’t complain because it’s an option to pay have no clue how a game like this works.

If all paying players stop now, this game is dead, and all you grinders or free to play players wouldn’t have a game left to develop.

So instead of arguing with the people who want to pay, to make sure you people who don’t spend on this game, to keep this one alive.

Try to tone down, I understand that you want to contribute, but this is a major issue right now, people who spend 1k-20k+ are thinking about leaving right now, if this happens the game is done, and there’s nothing left to grind for you.


its a personal choice to buy into these offers.
if you spend 1k-20k, that is a gambling issue on your end.
these bounties have been working fine. might have missed a few opportunities cause i got Briar late. but it all worked.

your example makes it sound like there is only one company that sells vacuums. there are multiple places with different strengths and weaknesses. the entire vacuum market has changed significantly. and no one vacuum is perfect. all will have issues. some might take time to fix or an upgraded version comes out.

and still the option to pay is still that…your option. its a choice.

you can be patient while they fix issues, emphasis on that s for multiple things being worked on, and enjoy the game for what it is.

I agree with krat. I stopped spending my average 100-+50 a month cause instead of fixing the issues, they put out more schemes to make you want to buy gold. Instead of new gold offers you guys have to come up with, come up with a fix for all the crappy gameplay happening

so any company that offers different deals is just a scheme to get you to buy their product.

darn you jack in the box with your delicious schemes

I’ve not spent near as much as many have, VIP 13 in 8 months. Due to many of the things mentioned by @Kraterios I’ve voiced my displeasure in the only manner I know how, when I know nothing else will work as well. I’ve cancelled my custom crate and I’m not spending another $$. I’m still debating if I’m going to stay. The broken chat has me extremely irritated. Time is a very precious commodity. When you take the time to type out an important message to a friend or your alliance only to discover, hours later, that it didn’t go through, you become disenchanted. What’s even worse is when you feel like all your complaints and support tickets are falling on deaf ears.


See Update on Chat Issues, Server Performance, Bounties, and Kurtz Frags!

We address many of your issues here.

Just because a support agent doesn’t say “yes, changing 1 to a zero, everything is solved” doesn’t mean they’re not listening and doing what they can to help behind the scenes.

Gentjan, you blocked out all of your info, so Support probably can’t help like that. If they haven’t responded yet, sit tight. Did you send a support ticket in-game, or an email to

@GIR @Matsoba

Just to show I look out for the little guys and come with good feedback, but I’m not going to give praises when they shouldn’t be given.

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So you wish to be praised? Best I can do is a cookie :cookie:

I did write to support in game and I didn’t even had the automated reply like usual. I don’t think they replying when you write in game support. And I wrote to the feedback. And nothing. I can show you screenshots as is still there without a reply from days.

I don’t need praise.

Just wished you wouldn’t destroy a topic you have no reason to even chat in, you don’t contribute as much as me, or try to pay the developers salary, every justified point gets an attack by you, you even start talking about cookies…