What an O F F E R S

This is what lot of people mean when they say “offers are ridiculous”.

You have a loooooooooot of work to do on them. I know this is the second year of the game, but come on guys, the game is becoming a cash milker. Last seasson store had a gap of 1-3k eggs-candies between what you could get for free and the total cost of the store.

I’m a level 85 player, 483k total power, 62k strongest five heroes and even I won’t be able to get the 9k eggs for free since I haven’t beaten normal 13 and 14 districts and hard 11,12 and 13 districts. So, imagine lower levels, the won’t be even able to get at least the most expensive skin.

I’m not talking about giving all for free, but come on almost a 9k gap?

And of course, this become even funnier: If you don’t handle to get the total 9k for free and you want to buy all the store, you must buy both the most expensive offers. Did you already buy 6k eggs for 50 bucks and need more than 2.25k eggs? Go buy again 6k but this time for 100 bucks?

Yes, this has been one of the biggest update, but in a bad way to the players.

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