Can we at this point call a spade a spade

So we’ve all had time to digest this update now right? I really wantntonput this out there mostly for hotheads benefit, so I’m gonna tag @Huginn to make sure it’s caught as I think some answers and more over an action plan is deserved by the community as a whole

So, this update, let’s be honest, we’ve all tried to be polite, to not rock the boat, but really, this is a pretty ugly cash grab. Now I get that these games are a briskness, they require players to cough up some dough to continue their existence, and there are many of us more then willing to pay for our entertainment, myself included. But, there gets a point where we the end user feel taken advantage of and that leads to us no longer buying and eventually no longer playing.

Let’s look at the fact, we were told that gold is more bang for buck because each purchase would receive more. But it’s not because you’ve changed a lot of things to make this less bang for our buck.

  1. No daily gold reward in pvp
  2. All heros have been severely downgraded in level, while their price has remained the same. 1500 gold could get you a 7* hero pre-update, now it’s a 5* max
  3. Fragments to upgrade heros are a lot harder to come by, except in the black market, where you can buy fragments for gold
  4. Hero crates give out much less frags for duplicate heros

There’s a lot more I’m missing but I just listed these because it clearly illustrates what I think a lot of people are feeling, gold is harder to come by and everything is more expensive.

Now, @Huginn, you’ve mentioned the developers are working on this, that the team is aware, and just as frustrated as they play the game to, but as a community we don’t see this, we’re getting radio silence from you and nothing more

At the end of the day there is a solution available that would go a long way to satisfy everyone.

Get rid of the update. Go back to 7.0. Not forever, but while you figure out how to fix all the problems, go back to 7.0 so that we as a community still have a fun game to play. I get that it takes time to come up with solutions but I don’t think it’s fair to the community to have to play the bogus update while you figure it out. On top of that, what of the people that do spend gold on hero’s during this update and then it gets fixed and suddenly they’ve wasted money

Please, Read the comments in other threads, spend some time on chat, the entire player base is unhappy with this update, realize it’s a fail, go back to what worked and try again with the next update, no one wants to quit, people enjoy this game, but the players you stand to loose here are your most important players, the paying ones

My two cents
All the best


Spot on bro, couldn’t have said it better, well I did mention the 7.0 thing in my post as well lolol



Thanks @Chris_Brownell. For pointing it out once again. Awesome post. Thank u!


Well Said… Fully agree with this

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So stupid… 1 Hero Chest for 300 Gold give maybe 35 Fragment for a specific Hero… result: mine 10k gold for 1 Evolve of a 5 star hero… so great this update… xD I dont bank for a while for this game…
@Chris_Brownell nice post !!

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@Huginn time to respond?


Hello? @Huginn? It’s taking forever for you guys to communicate at all… :angry: we deserve so much better then this… all of us do…


Dude, seriously, you don’t need to commit to anything but a “hey, I’ve read your concerns, we’re still working on a solution.” Or even a “fuck you chris we like our new update”. But you gotta say something man, can’t just sit there silently

@Chris_Brownell, I’m sorry. I incorrectly assumed that my topic on feedback from our 0.8 release would address all the discussions about that feedback. I’ll address some of the specifics of this particular discussion.

We have moved Hero Fragments to the PvP Store. We want PvP to be the place you go to unlock new heroes, we plan to grow the Hero Fragments available in this store. Dogface is still available in the Gauntlet Store and the same rotation of Hero Fragments are available in the Black Market.

We will be fixing this in our 0.9 update. We have taken feedback and made adjustments to the game which will bring some of the lost value back to the Hero Crate.

We have listened to all the feedback, from all avenues. Chat, forums, and support. We’ve pooled all the feedback and comments and we have discussed how to move forward. I believe our response topic hits a lot of what people are discussing and would welcome further communication.

I will admit we have not been as forthcoming with information or quick to respond as we could have been in the wake of this update. We will be more proactive in the future.

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