Must add a gaming mode

After getting razordome
And min danger simulator
That i really enjoyed and killed the boredom in the game

I think adding a gaming mode to the game containing these events (plus future events about another heroes)
that cycle in a certain schedual like solo raid events
But not weekly,
Monthly or each two weeks like bounty or coops

For creativness
Those events are related to each faction
Magistrates : Min danger simulator
Morlocks : razordome
Soo each leading hero from each faction can have a certian events with certain rules


I love the Danger Simulator. I would be happy to see it as a permanent gaming mode that can be played just for fun, no rewards. Occasionally, perhaps monthly, make an event out of it where the featured faction must take down waves of other faction teams for prizes.

When out of ideas:
add zombies.


Haha, can never go wrong with zombies.


I always felt that district 9 could have an extra alien mode, harder than hard and with aliens as minions.

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I agree with all of what you said, EXCEPT no rewards. Nah, I want rewards for it. Increasing rewards of Bucks like the Gauntlet or somethingā€¦ :raised_hands:

Yes, bucks would be great. Sure could use them. Only an inactive player can earn enough bucks from the gauntlet.