Mins Danger Simulator

Min’s Danger Simulator was the best game mode event I’ve played by a landslide. It was challenging but also easy enough that I didn’t feel the need to break my phone. I really liked how each person had a different power level recommended depending on what their power level was. Wave 35 was the HARDEST of all the waves which does confuse me, I blew through 1-34 then struggled with 35, then blew through 36-50. The rewards where really nice, almost enough to buy both skins right away, and I like how there’s an endless mode at the end so you can compete with alliance members and friends with who can hit the highest wave. Great job HH you outdid yourself on that one. Now I’m gonna hunt some presents


Oh that’s cool, I didn’t know the power needed was different for each individual.

‘‘Twas a different story for me…
Waves 1-49 were easy peasy… and wave 50 took me about 25 tries, while almost causing me to throw my phone across the room a couple of them… I’d kill all the bosses and get the Gorgon to just about 50K hp remaining before time ran out…
I was 15k below the recommended power, but getting so close those few times, I knew it could be done, and I finally did it, lol.

But yeah, agreed, awesome event.


It would have been nice if they’d added a leaderboard tournament for furthest wave completed in Endless Mode that gave prizes at the end of the event, similar to PvP Tournament rankings.

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Definitely agreed on a leaderboard; that would definitely give some incentive to keep trying.

I was pretty underwhelmed with the difficulty though. I ran it on auto x3 and ran out of time on wave 50. Tried once with manual controls and beat it. So in the end, I didn’t really get more than 15 minutes or so of content from the whole thing which was disappointing :confused: It sounds like many others had a much more involved experience which is great.

Mostly, I’m excited that there is a framework in place for this style of gameplay. Now that the foundation has been laid in the programming, I expect that we’ll be seeing similar events in the future which is great!

Razordome would like to have a word :stuck_out_tongue:

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A leaderboard was probably the #1 most requested feature internally before we released this. But due to the tailored experience it was concerned that a leaderboard might be easily gamed. We will see how the event goes and perhaps for the next one we could add a leaderboard.


Razordome was amazing, forgot about that. still think Min Simulator is better, Mostly just do to the endless mode lol

I agree this is a great addition to the game hopefully we see more of this type of stuff. Great job HHG Devs.

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