Mythic Skin Request Chain

Since we’re getting a new Mythic Skin each month, I wanted to get a chain started to see what people think who deserves the Mythic Skin treatment?

For example, my first request: Panzer. Release a retro panzer Skin that restores her skills and ammo to level that she was released at.

Mythic skins don’t change skills. They boost stats

And what exactly are you saying about a panzer retro skin? I really don’t understand. Maybe it’s just me

Mythic skins don’t change skills, they are extra detailed special models for a particular hero.

However, I will say it’s about time Caine and Min got themselves a special skin. Hot Dog Vendor Caine or Knight Caine would be pretty funny.


I know Mythic skins don’t change skills, but it would be nice if it did instead of just changing the stats. Imagine a new skin for prophet or sentry that makes them camouflage with the environment even further or a new skin for castellan that widens his shield. Just changing the stats is dull.

He mean her original status. When Panzer was added she was pretty OP character. Her first skill was charged from start of battle and has power to eliminate two any energy heroes if they standed close to each other. Her base fire power/cover destroy ability was much more stronger too and player may does few quick kills from one clip even if target hided on the covers or shields. Later all this wad nerfed.

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Very specific requests

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But very necessary ones; Min especially needs a skin considering her predominance in the lore

Definitely agree with you

I think a Farmer Colonel Wesson skin should be released, with his hat becoming a straw hit, his uniform becoming a plaid shirt with overalls. I don’t use Colonel Wesson at all but I think his skin would definitely stand out from the crowd and make the game slightly more interesting.

Looks like your already has been responded to: new min skin is coming

Min skin is on the way

So there is currently a PvP tourney which allows bonus for current new hero and its predecessor. Why not the same for mythic skin? (I.e. current month + the last month)

true, but its not a mythic skin.

as for me, mythic skin for Brogan. like the one i submitted last year around xmas

You all talk about mythic skins like you have endless heronium and gold, lol.

Plus I think what mythic skins don’t must be something regular – this is not rare skins. Mythic is something powerful, but ultra rare. If we start get mythic skins each month this is will be pretty strange.

Lol I mention this in HH discord that we cactually bring back Legendary Skins but the community vote and poll on who… then what skill… then how to change skill… but start from generation 1 heros then move up to the new ones

“” I love what the team is doing with the mythic skin and designs… but we still have heros that been here since release of this game and still don’t have a rare skin…

You know how we do community event to get ppl thought on making teams for event like the Community clash… or how we did a poll for the ryker rewards…

My question is can we do a event where the community take a poll on what a hero legendary skin change effect could be? Like do this community vote of hero from 2nd year and before and skill the 1st month…

Next one community vote how to improve or change on 2nd month

then new legendary skin with the community majority vote on that 3rd month with another poll to start another legendary skin process? “” HH discord post


You are back Spidy. Why I dont see you much in game?

Mauler mythic would be OP could you imagine if he gained crit rate… deadly

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