Need advice on which heroes to focus on

appreciate if you all can tell me which heroes form a good pvp/pve team

At the moment (before Role Warefare update coming in a couple of weeks) with the heroes you’ve unlocked I would say:

DPS: Dogface
Support: Madrake & Caine
Healing: Nightingale
Tank: Razor

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(How to type Moss in 20 letters?!)


(Not really, you can’t post that one either because "Body is unclear, are you sure this is a complete sentence?)

that’s easy…
M . . M ..OOO . .SSSS . .SSSS
MM . MM .O . O .S. . . .S
M .M. M .O . O . SSS . . SSS
M . . M .O . O . . .S. . . .S
M . . M ..OOO . SSSS . .SSSS



but after my man Moss

I’d say:
DPS: Dogface, Phoenix, Ghoul or Clyde (maybe even Mauler, he does less raw damage, but has amazing Disruption)
Support: Caine, Nightingale, Mandrake, Halo or Flatline
Tank Razorback or Matador

I would definitely agree with the 5 that @nailfox suggested (Dogface, Mandrake, Caine, Nightingale and Razorback) as being your second group after the “Moss” group :wink:

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