Where to go from here

Not shown: just got Oracle and hideo

Just finished upgrading my mandrake and phalanx to gold, I am a little lost and was wondering where I should go from here to create a successful pvp team, as I seem to be losing a lot more than I win.

Did you want a PvP team, PvE team, or a versatility team?

Probably a pvp or versatility team

nightangle,heimlock,dogfaxce,operator,razorback.most important are dogface and nightangle at the moment.and play dog face manually not.mandrake.

Step 1. Kick Matador into the sun.

Step 2. FFS LEVEL DOG, GALE, AND CAINE TO MAX!!! Your best hitter(s) should be at least as powerful as any of your support heroes. Not too much more powerful, or you’ll constantly be matched against people who are out of your league. Equal or a little stronger. You can get a huge amount of hero xp on Sundays by doing all nine raids at the highest difficulty you can survive.

Step 3. Have you maxed Dog, Nightingale, and Caine yet? And Heimlock?

Step 4. Depth. Even when you win in pvp, sometimes heroes die. Try to develop at least 8 support and secondary hitter heroes to go with Dog—Mandrake, Caine, Nightingale, and Heimlock, obviously, but also silver Butter, that 6* Operator of yours (nice, btw), silver 5* Cast (stun+silence), Halo, Razorback, Vanguard, and/or Moss. I use all of them on winning teams (except Heimlock—don’t have him yet even though I’m 75 with soon-to-be-six plats).

Step 5. B-team. This is an extension of depth. At this point you’re looking to build a second pvp team that can reliably rack up a good number of wins when all of your core A-teamers are gone. My A-team core is very small, just Dog and Nightingale; everyone else is replaceable, even Butter and Caine—but once I no longer have Dog and Nightingale, A-team is done until reset no matter who else is left. My B-team revolves around Keel and Panzer in a similar way; completely different cast of characters, even to having different “bench” heroes for when the “starter” support heroes go down.

I’m torn between laughing and crying


Level nightingale then dogface.