Need new heroes for City Hall and Dojo

I think some new heroes will be in City Hall, unlike (old heroes: Beck, Odachi, Francoise, Savage, and ER). We have been playing there for a long time.

Just like Dojo, old heroes (Hivemind, Prophet, Ronin, Castellan, Fortress, and Halo).

I think if there are new heroes in CH and Dojo, it’ll be cool if maybe Kurtz or whatever.

Your thoughts?



Yes! IM getting tired. THe heros that we face are so easy, and ill like more of a challange

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Not sure this would be a good idea or not but I have been thinking that solo raids and co ops should have randomized enemy heroes to make every battle different. It would make it so we need to be prepared for anything. Of course solo raids would be random heroes from their corresponding elements and then co op raise could be a pool of heroes relating to the featured factions.


I prefer if they change these battlefields to new places we will not see before with with its guards will be wonderful this best is the renewal with each update

As nice as new battlefields would be, that probably would take too much time and work each update so new heroes Meeks much more possible.