Suggestions for improvements

Just a few suggestions for the Devs’ considerations;

  1. Abolish the levels 25, 35, 45 & 55 unlocking for old co-op raids. If the account had unlocked “city hall” or “dojo” before, it make no sense that we had to go through the process of unlocking them one by one to get to the lvl 55 raids.

  2. Add raids but do not remove raids. I dun see why we can’t have gordon, city hall & dojo together? Why must remove city hall for dojo and now remove dojo for city hall?

  3. Have preset teams for gauntlet. Suggested this months before and still waiting for this to happen while i forces myself to go through the 30 matches of monotonous gauntlet daily.

  4. Remove the 100 daily patrol cap. It does not make sense to have such restrictions as it defeat the purpose of “reroll” and “rush” all together. You guys want us to spend the gold or not?

  5. Either remove the function for players to post their loadout on global / VIP chat or give other players the option to spar with these loadouts for a small rewards limited to the first 3 players and players can only spar via global / vip chat 5 times daily. At least if we need to keep seeing some players spam their loadouts again and again, give us the satisfaction of beating the crap out of it?


I like all the suggestions! The last one concerning loadouts; I think we should not have limits per day but limite amout of characters, say no more than a normal PVP team, so we are able to discuss characters at any time. There could always be an option to turn of loadouts

First, thank you for a great game!
Its the only one on my phone and my brothers phone.
Second, am I the only one who got stockpiled 6500+ quick tickets?

Since its a suggestion thread, I want to add one:
Let those players donate those tickets to alliance members/store, for, example. Or some kind of an exchange in the alliance store.


The thing with these loadouts, there are people who constantly spammed their loadouts on global and vip chat to show off… kinda irritating sometimes imo…

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