Need Suggestions

Any pvp team suggestions? And I’m a simple player and don’t use ifrit-flat combination.

I use Panzer, Mandrake, Keel, Nightingale and Flatline combo.(With 90% win-rate)
And My power is around 22k.

I would love to use flatline at higher power but she’s always one to die

Panzer ryker nightingale butter mandrake

Or replace panzer with heimlock
This both combos give me a win rate 80%

Single DPS: drake, Heim, panzer/dog, Ifrit, gale

2 DPS: Heim, panzer, dog, Ifrit, gale

You could sub Keel for Ifrit in either, Min for Ifrit in the upcoming event

Promote Flat to platinum if you want to run an Ifrit/Flat comp.

I tried this. It’s 50/50, and 10* penzer shows up and plus 500k health she’s hard to kill

if you want to boost your winrate just use godface/panzer + 4 support

but if you enjoy the thrill, my recommendation is not using panzer, godface, gale
they’re great, i using 1+4 comp for while and boost my win rate significantly but after that a bit boring, repetitive, monotonous and i ditch them

its your choice :wink:

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