Top PvP players’ help needed

I’ve recently been getting into PvP again, but I can’t stay above the top 250. I would like some advice on which heroes I should continue to upgrade and which to leave as they are. Would appreciate it if anyone could take the time to help.

panzer, nightengale, caine… pair those w drake heim or ifrit and you’ll feel like you’re cheating, get night to 10 star plat +3 ASAP!

What he said.

Caine, Mandrake, Heimlock, Girl Heimlock, and either Panzer or Dogface and you basically have an automatic win. Assuming the other teams you’re facing don’t have the same teams of course.

You could replace the damage dealer with a meme Hero like Operator and probably still win.

Or worst case, you could run the PvP match to the time limit.

I’ve rated the heroes on a list:

The pairing is also very important. Ifrit and Flatline together make a team hard to kill with their revives!