We must celebrate!

finaly afthe 1 year (416 days to be exact) I manage to power up all my hero to platinum

except for Prophet, Artemis and Brogan I still dont have them

Keep in mind, I’m not a VIP.
The problem now is that I have no more money, those that I take from the gauntlets and missions are not enough to upgrade the Skills or to raise the stars of the heroes.
In general, money are never enough.

Doing a long and useless calculation that surely will be wrong:

In the first challenge - (the power of the opposing team) 20k + (the power of my team) 50k = 70k which is the total money I earn if I pass the challenge, multiplied by 3 (which is the number of challenges for each stage) would total 210k.

Doing so would earn a lot of money for each challenge and people will complain less and I’ll be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but one day someone will come and show me that my calculation was wrong and they’ll take everything away and I’ll be laughed at until I die and then my ghost will invade the game servers breaking the boxes of players all over the world.


I’m vip 0 as well and got all mine around 300 days. Just got to do all dailies (minus trade gold for cash not worth it) and do all gauntlets. Only took me a few days to save up 3.6 mil so I can have enough for my 10* dog

That’s impressive. Though not particularly hard, you probably sacrificed grinding shards in hard mode a majority of the time to get the upgrade materials in normal. If you did hard, all the way to grind both at once I’m not sure if it could fit within your time frame.

I have the mania to empower all heroes up to a certain level, their skills are all still at level 75.
Now that they are all platinum, to save even more money, I decided to collect stuff without upgrading, now I just think about raising stars and enhancing skills

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Congrats! That’s a pretty big achievement!