New 7* Hero: Baron von Schnapps

Faction: Kurtz Lawgivers

Weapon: DEagle

Element: Energy or biochem

Bronze: Siphon (lunges at the enemy and uses his claw to siphon some health. Has a chance to set the enemy a blaze)
Silver: Claw (Shoots at the enemy to disorient followed by a slash attack that causes bleeding DoT)
Gold: Monocle (his monocle can see past enemy shields to cause more damage)
Plat: Elite Class (gains bonus damage when Kurtz is on the team. Deals extra damage against Wesson)
Ruby: enter Ruby ability

Appearance: Similar to Kurtz, he is missing part of his right arm. That piece is replaced by a red mechanical piece. Bald head with a special monocle. Green military suit with red boots.

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