New hero concept: Kurtz the second

Few suspected Kurtz had an equally ruthless son, but only Kurtz himself knew it. After Kurtz was captured, his son carried his legacy with an iron fist and continued battling Wesson in secret.

Kurtz the second uses a pistol to honor his father, and is rearline position.

Bronze, intimidate: reduces all enemy attack by 5% for x seconds. If an enemy dies with this effect active, all enemies are heal blocked for x seconds.

Silver, sacrifice: targets an ally (closest to your cursor) and reduces their health by 50%, then heals other allies for an amount of time as well as increasing attack damage

Gold, feared: if both intimidate and sacrifice are active, 50% of sacrificed health is regained upon a kill, and a minor shield is activated upon that hero

Platinum, ruthless follower: whenever an ally dies all other allies have boosted health, move faster and have faster reload rate

Why: because I love Commando’s gold

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