Wesson Upgrade Suggestion?

I’m really liking how Wesson operates in the game, and like that he can designate targets to be eliminated. However, he is not a very powerful character, and isn’t very viable in most cases. With the Kurtz coming soon (and the showdown between these two guys), perhaps Wesson could use a boost to give him some clout, making the two heroes stand out as the “OGs” of the Hero Hunter’s universe:

  1. Combining his Silver and Gold into one single Silver skill (kept as “Rolling Thunder” or renamed) (The combined damage is fairly balanced at this point, but reducing it 5% could be done as well). An added “whistling bombs" sound effect would give a cool sense of impending doom as well.

  2. Making his new gold skill an upgrade to his Death Mark. Enemies hit by Death Mark receive 10% increased damage. In addition, that enemy have a 50% chance of being:
    Shield Blocked,
    Dealt 50% reduced rate of fire and reload rates,
    Dealt x mechanical damage per second.

Each of these effects would last the full 8 second duration of Death Mark. Also, Shield Block would function similarly to Heal Block, in that no new shields could be added, but pre-existing ones would remain.

His gold may or may not be overpowered, depending on who he is synergized with, and the skills could be worked with obviously. Just a suggestion for the coming Kurtz update. :wink:


He could also use a boost to his plat.


Yeah, even if Death Mark was just given a 10% increased damage for 8 seconds, that would be great as well. Alternatively, he could cause a 5% damage increase, while decreasing allied reload and skill recharge times by 10%, all for the 8 seconds

If i could suggest something, it would be great if his plat boosts his bronze for each uaf and uaf airborne on the field

I like this idea a lot. This could make Wesson a far more useful hero in many ways. His bronze skill is one of few heal block abilities in the game, and a buff to it would certainly bring back to life an underused asset of the game.

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