New AW visual bug?

This current war (ends today) was a little difficult to work in due to what appears to be a visual bug on the hero selection screen within the war map where you can’t see what sector heroes are currently defending. Can’t see the bonus on the bonus heroes either. I think not seeing the bonus also was an issue in PVP. Anyway, wondering if this has been mentioned and if a solution is in our future? TY.



You mean this?


Yes sir, exactly that.

This seems to be related to bounty where we get a blacked out header at the top of the screen when choosing heroes and can’t access chat etc. unless you relaunch the app. I can’t remember if we could view their cool-downs or they had a similar ghost appearance as your screen shot. It started with the latest update.

Best to write to Support in-game.


If you experience bugs you should firstly report it with a ticket, that works the fastest, also be sure to attach some image to it so we know what’s up

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And then speaking about, i had it too, wasn’t a big deal to me but good to hear i’m not the only one!

It has been reported, a solution is in your future :slight_smile:
But yeah it is best to use the support in-game for bugs.


Yes sir or ma’am. In most instances I do report via support. In some cases, like this one where I had a pretty good idea it was a wide spread issue that support would likely not need my personal analytics for, I wanted to ask before sending duplicate tickets for the same problem. Was also pretty sure it would be fixed even if it wasn’t reported because the developers play too.

Regardless, thank you yet again for the attentiveness to issues you folks provide for us players and for the fantastic game. Rock on.

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