Bug reporting on forums

I know the developers want us to report the bugs to the correct department, and not to discuss them here, since they close pretty much all bug report posts, but I wanted to suggest otherwise.

I think that having a place where we players can discuss bugs here can help us make more accurate reports to Player Support.

For example, with the recent crashes (good job fixing this, by the way), I thought Savage’s model not loading correctly was the cause, but someone on the forums pointed out that Halloway had the same problem, so I payed attention on PvP and bounties and found that there were actually 4 heroes whose models were invisible (just floating guns).

If I had reported this firsthand, the information wouldnt have been as accurate as reporting it after discussing it with other people. Also, if Im the only one having that problem, I can think that it is because of my device being unable to handle the game, which would lead to me not reporting it at all as a bug.

What Im trying to say is that I think a bug section on this forum for us players would be good for both, us players, and you developers.


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