Bio-Chem Heroes that Shield

Are there any Bio-Chem heroes that can shield themselves with a bronze/silver ability. With recently getting Anvil I was wondering if there was any Character that Anvil actually directly countered anyone.

Yes the new hero that’s coming out is a shielder or a shield corroder

My hope is the new hero shields quite well. Having a good shielder who is counter to the mech stuff is nice, but yes also have a viable shielder that anvil can counter would make it interesting. Crossing my fingers!

I can’t tell if they mean that she shields or she corrodes shields, but the former sounds like she plays right into the hands of anvil. Kind of odd to make a counter to a hero a month before the hero they counter is released but… whatever. I do hope she is a shielder, I feel that it could be something cool and different.

I tend to lean towards shielding. It states she’s a corrosive shieldER which makes me think shes adding them. If she wasnt it would be something like corrosive shield breaker right? Like you I hope its a shielder and a good one. I was thinking along the lines of dealing damage that converts into shields for you and the team.

That’s what I was thinking but shields don’t fit under the biochem nature. Also, if she is shielding, then what is she corroding?

Right. Its kind of a confusing sub name, but im guessing it will make sense once we know more about her abilities.

And is it a he or she? I always thought a she, but it could be a graceful fella.

Wait, no, she’s definitely a sheilder. Look at ability icons. But that does beg the question… what is she corroding?

Also, I like to gravitate towards she.

Ah I didn’t even noticed the icons since it autoplayed for me when i first saw it. But yea the thumbnail shows icons. Definitely leans more towards shielding, but her gold maybe adds corrosive abilities to her shots or the teams shots? Maybe depending on if they are shielded?

Yay another shielder :slight_smile:

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