Bounty reward

I was wondering when the rewards of the bounty will go up.

Cause in less then a day we will reach the 30k milestone and from that point bounty will become a boring endless grind to get 60 extra fragments.

I’m having less and less fun every 2 weeks because of this.

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The bounty rewards were made for an older time for bounties. I remember back in the day when many of the top 50 alliances could not make the 30k point reward. However, they have yet to update the rewards so it will be increasingly less rewarding to play bounties, making it a massive drag.

I truly do hope they increase the rewards to make it more rewarding to play bounties.

Hey guys, we saw this happening too and have already gone ahead and added more Milestone to Bounty Events in the next update. Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks! You guys are the best! :hugs:

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Awsome, thanks for the reply!

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How about the fact that between 26th place and 100th place is only 15 uni frags difference? Teams are fighting, kicking people, and overall stressing over fifteen frags??? It’s also a little stingy considering it takes over 2000 frags to get ONE hero from seven to ten stars. I would suggest a 100-76th 75- 51th & every ten spots after that. Last I checked 100th place had 90k points while 26th had 187k all that work for little to no difference in rewards

It broke my alliance

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