New campaign mode, please! Too many Casino Crates

I enjoy playing games that have a goal, like games originally were years ago. Beat a level continue to next, and so on. I do not enjoy playing games that are like HBO series and you have to wait a week, or in HH’s case months, to play more levels, all the while grinding gauntlet and gorgon levels that quickly became far too easy to be considered fun or entertaining. I play games to have a challenge, not to continuously throw money at fake currency or casino crates. I realize that’s what all games are nowadays and hope the greed doesn’t turn into the Star Wars battlefront casino for children. This game has a great recipe and balance of fun, rewards and things to keep playing for and I must say, it’s probably the longest I’ve played a cell phone game and the only mobile game I’ve ever spent some real life tangible money on because I felt developers deserved it and it’s more enjoyable than the garbage console games I haven’t even considered playing in months.

I think it would be quite simple and feel somewhat rewarding to have another single player campaign in addition to “Normal” and “Hard” modes. I’m thinking something like “Brutal” maybe using only certain characters per level, limited characters per level or something along those lines. Not difficult to add, more importantly it would help stifle the monateny of gorgon and other mindless time and life wasting modes.

I think what I’d really like to see is something like the gauntlet, where you face other players teams but have that intertwined with single player campaign and you play as the normally opposing team. It’d be great to play on the other side of the campaign, like being able to play the one or two heroes normally on the opposing team along with A.I. In the campaign, but against other players full hero teams.

You have a great game, that could potentially continue for a long time so step back the greed for a minute and make some fun of it. I understand it’s a business, but if you had teams of employees putting the same effort on enjoyable game modes, as the effort developers working on new heroes or new casino crate lottery options in the “Stores,” it will be more lucrative in the long run. There’s plenty of characters to build up and the more that are added the more distant it slides away from being entertaining, to a game where you just level up characters and spend your childhood grinding energy canisters and damn silver knives. I haven’t spent anything on this game in a while and unfortunately don’t foresee a desire to do so because I’ve beaten the levels, I refuse to buy crates for a “chance at fun and enjoyment” and feel no accomplishment or reason to invest real money, … in order to spend more of my time… on something that has deminishing entertainment and seems to be losing sight of being a Game!


This. I like this one. I had similar idea like that i wished that would be official.


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