New event idea. Co-op PVP

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while. A co-op pvp event. You and your partner would pick 3 hero’s each. I think to keep everyone the same you would do this like the draft events. All hero’s would be the same level, color, etc… You and your partner would have a list of hero’s to pick from. Once a hero is chosen, your partner can not pick them. We wouldn’t want double Ifrit and Flatline combos. The game would never end. Now as for the list of hero’s. I would propose it would be from a list of all hero’s. My thinking is you would allow lower level people to team up with higher-level people. They could help in learning how to get better at PVP. Plus some people would be able to try heroes that they do not have. If they end up really liking that hero, they will find a way to get them.

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Nah, game won’t work that way and Ronin with drones and clones and turrets will run rampant

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