New Concept Hero: Peacekeeper - bring peace with the sound of punches

Energetic Hero
Faction: Mercenary

Hp 2/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 4/5
Skills 3/5

May the goddess of justice assist me
Former policeman armed with a huge energy hammer and a large revolver, causes enormous damage by destroying enemy covers and canceling their armor for a short time

Bronze: Hammer Throw - roll on himself loading the launch and then throw his hammer towards the target, landing him and destroying the barrier

  • roll for 5 seconds for maximum damage
  • if interrupted earlier, still throw the hammer, but the damage is reduced and does not cause the landing

Silver: Anti-Armor - points the target and charges for 3 seconds an energy sphere that annuls the armor for a few seconds.

  • If interrupted earlier, it still shoots the sphere but causes less damage and does not cancel the armor.

Gold: Justice - at the start of the game, he gets a shield that absorbs 30% of the damage.
When the shield is destroyed, the next bullet fired causes damage equal to the damage suffered by the shield.

Platinum: Peacemaker - Every 10 seconds he gets a critical damage bonus and an extra health boost.
When he dies, the allies get an extra health boost of 50% total in Peacekeeper’s possession.

Appearance: is a very dark and serious middle-aged man, protected by a Black heavy armour with red and blue details.

is armed with a large revolver with a 3-shot magazine (average rate of fire, high damage, slow reload)

A bit of Backstory: Peacekeeper is an ex-cop.
His goal is to eradicate crime from the world even if he knows it’s impossible, but this does not demoralize him, on the contrary, it makes him even more determined, strong and above all violent.
He was part of the People’s Guard but abandoned them after discovering that they were corrupt; he joined the Magistrates, but abandoned them too (this time for personal reasons) the only friend who had managed to make was Gammond.
In the end he decided to become a Mercenary (he will have to live in some way).
Currently has the S.W.A.T in his sights.


Pretty cool overall. I feel like the bullet from his Gold skill might be OP, but I like the idea.

Is he black tho?

For me 30% is little, in the draft on the notebook it was 50% and since it can only be activated once per game it is not so much OP.
I thought Peacekeeper to quickly eliminate the most annoying heroes like doctors or armorer who quickly load their skills or Ronin.

He can be of any color, even purple

Where are you my friend? Cptlappo If I can reach you personally for your kiss on your head out of respect this amazing designs really liked all your designs deserve thanks


I don’t think I’ve seen a reply with that much affectionate support. :joy:

Pris is not enough, we need more heroes with kisses! :kissing_heart: