New Hero Concept: Dr. Zane - He's not a real doctor

Element: Energy

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

Can I have a second opinion?
Rocket fists, shields and long waiting times, only those who have a lot of patience can do something.


Bronze: Sonic Punch - points and shoots his right fist at the target causing severe damage and dizziness.

  • If the target is dead, the fist will automatically point to another enemy.

Silver: Muntiple Bouncy Grenade - Shoot a grenade that will bounce in pursuit of the enemy.
The grenade after the explosion releases a series of small grenades that chase the enemies

  • The grenade will explode on contact with the enemy or after 6 seconds.

Gold:Trophy system - occasionally places a small turret that protects the hero’s current position from 70% incoming damage.

  • If the hero moves from the protected area, the turret will be deactivated and reactivated when the hero returns to that location.

Platinum: Evolution - every 10 seconds the hero gets extra health, increases the armor and damage of the weapon up to 10 times.

Appearance: is an African scientist of medium height and a little thin, has a beard and gray hair and a robotic hand.

(i forgot to do the draw)

The Weapon: The Chainsaw is a heavy machine gun built on a chainsaw
(high rate of fire, low damage, medium recharging speed)

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I don’t know how you keep coming up with so many ideas. Really hope they come in game someday :slight_smile:

Liked the bouncy thing on grenade. Would have liked idea if punch was like Mauler’s throw - doing damage to enemy which comes between him and target.