New Event Idea: Assault

Long post, scroll down for example graphic if you don’t want a huge info dump lol.

What is Alliance Assault?

  • Assault is a PVP-styled alliance event. Two alliances are matched against each other per day over the three day event. This results in three different assault periods. Successfully attacking teams of the enemy alliance gives you assault points. The objective is to be the alliance with the most points at the end of each period. If you can completely decimate the enemy alliance before the period ends, your alliance is granted with bonus assault points ranking you higher globally.

Focus Hero

  • Each Assault event puts the focus on one hero from the past, giving that hero raised stats (stronger damage, more health, etc.) for the duration of the Assault event.
  • We would also get more information/backstory on that particular character and their general mythos in the world of Hero Hunters.

Declaring Assault

  • Matches are automatically generated at the beginning of each period with a small window of time before the battle begins to rally your alliance and set up your defender team.


  • Defender teams are set at the beginning of each period in hopes of deflecting an enemy’s attack.
  • If no defender team has been set, your top five in power would be the default.
  • Defender teams can also be edited during the assault period in hopes of throwing off the enemy alliance on who to attack with.
  • Again, the focus hero would have raised stats, when attacking and on a defender team.

Lives and Attacks

  • Attacking an enemy works in the manual way a PVP battle does. The only difference is your enemy isn’t actually controlling their team at the same time, rather it’s automated on their end, like in Gauntlet.
  • Each player has a number of lives determined by their alliance power rank. (Example: Mythic alliance members have five lives.)
  • Number of attacks work the same way. (Example: Mythic alliance members have 5 attacks.)
  • Once lives are gone, that player cannot be attacked again. This is to prevent farming points off of that player. That player is still able to attack even without any lives. This is to help players who live in time zones that don’t benefit from the start time of each period.
  • More attacks can be purchased.
  • Characters can only be used once per period, like in Gauntlet sectors. This is to encourage different attack team setups.
  • Revives can be purchased for individual characters, like the focus hero for example.


  • Points would only be awarded upon successful attacks. If you lose a battle, you receive no points. Differences in team power would give added points in successful attacks, similar to PVP battles.

  • Points would be deducted if you lost a character during the battle.

  • Bonus points would be given for specific actions, e.g. points per headshots, destroying covers, using the focus hero, winning streaks, etc.

  • The entire alliance receives bonus points if the enemy alliance has no lives left/health bar is depleted before the end of the period.

Visual Example

  • In this example, you’re JaneDoe. You have five lives and five attacks based on your alliance’s power rank. You have a score of 500 right now because you successfully used two attacks without losing any characters and without using the focus hero of the Assault event, Clyde.
  • The red bar indicates your alliance’s health. It’s lower than the enemy’s health bar, indicating you’re getting your ass kicked.
  • Your alliance member, JaneDoe2, has 1,890 points. She has used all five of her attacks, resulting in a base number of 1,250 assault points.
  • She has used the focus hero, Clyde, five times; giving her 100 bonus points per battle. This results in her score going up to 1,750.
  • Other bonus points were included such as Clyde having his skin, winning streak, etc. her score with all of those bonuses is 1,950.
  • However, she lost two characters on a particular battle. 60 points were deducted, leaving her score at 1,890.
  • The edit button is there for you to edit your defender team in hopes of deflecting an enemy’s attack.
  • The info button in the lower right is there to give added insight/backstory/etc. on the focus hero of the event.

Reasoning for Event

  • This post initially started out as a reply to @Elle_Apostrofo_Orso’s thread about individual heroes having their own story missions to give added backstory/insight, which I thought was a great idea. I saw a developer say Chesterfield was actually some sort of robot being controlled by some old man somewhere…I had no idea! This event would give players added backstory/tidbits of information regarding characters with a new game play dynamic.
  • There are some constant criticisms regarding heroes only being “worth-having” during their spotlight bonus month. Assault events would reoccur. This gives older heroes the added stats every so often, giving older heroes some love every so often.
  • Would encourage skin collecting/upgrading skins if they ever become a focus again since they could give added bonus points on successful assault attacks.
  • Would encourage strategizing with your alliance.
  • Bounty events happen every two weeks. An event like Assault could happen in between the breaks from Bounty.
  • I just want to know what the hell C.L.Y.D.E. stands for. :joy: :joy:

I’m sure I missed some stuff and didn’t include other stuff like prizes, but that’s because this is just a general idea. So, that’s it! Thanks for coming to my TED talk!


Very neat idea, well developed and understandable. Excellent work!

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Wooo, it was a fun one to write up haha thanks bud!


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Haha! Thanks for sparking some creativity in me. :grin::+1:t3:

This was super well thought out and thorough!
I love reading ideas like that and definitely sparks the creative juices for us to come up with new things as well.

In regards to the teams being set, how often can you change them? I think a limit of once or twice per assault period would make it so people don’t just spam it all the time.

I dig the ‘tug of war’ style points graph at the top of the assault screen to see in real time who is winning this particular assault.

Would this have specific “Seasons” like Alliance Wars does with leaderboards and brackets to climb?

C.L.Y.D.E. stands for " ████ REDACTED ████ ". But really it can stand for anything you want it to.


That would work! The idea behind changing your defender team in the midst of an assault period would be to throw off the enemy alliance from strategizing. For example, say JohnDoe tells JohnDoe2 that your defender team is Biochem heavy and to attack with strong Energy heroes. BUT you changed your defender team since JohnDoe’s attack, now your defender team has Panzer, Shivs, Keel, Kenoichi, and Kurtz making it more Mechanical heavy. JohnDoe2 would possibly lose the battle resulting in a wasted Assault attack OR lose characters in the battle resulting in less assault points for his alliance. You want the enemy alliance to get the least amount of points from your alliance as possible.

Yes! I suspect the higher ranking alliances would easily decimate each other, leaving both alliances without any lives in the end. That would give both of them the additional “defeated enemy alliance” bonus points, ranking them higher globally. So I think the real time health bar would give incentive to be the first to destroy the enemy alliance. Could possibly give bonus points to the first one to defeat the other, or could just be good for bragging rights. :joy:

I’m not sure honestly! I like how Bounty has a leaderboard that doesn’t carry over into the next. Assault could follow along that same route. Say your alliance wants to take it easy one weekend from Assault, their lower score for that weekend wouldn’t affect them overall.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if this is unreadable on purpose but it gave me a good laugh either way! :joy: Thanks for taking time out to read my idea though! Means a lot!

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This is one of the best Event ideas I’ve seen. Really well thought out. Nice work.

With the team loadouts, what about the option to hide one of your defenders from an attackers view? Would add some unpredictability to the contest

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nicely done… well said… HH, it’s time for new modes. :slight_smile:

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