Feedback: Alliance Event Weekends

Hey everyone,
The team would like to know what your thoughts are on the idea of having Alliance events every weekend.

Is this something you’d be interested in?
What kind of rewards do you think would be valuable?
What schedule would work well for your alliances?


I say the more events the better, especially alliance events.

As for rewards, i’ve heard alot of voices say gold rewards. Personally, i would love to see like a big amount of frags for hard to get heroes. Or the universal (don’t remember what you called em) frags.

Or even like 50 copies of an item that can’t be obtained yet through campaign or raids, which you need to get some heroes to high gold statuses.

Timewise, i think starting events in the evening is fine, like you do now. It’s usually 8,9 or 10pm for me and the other Dutchies.


It think it would be better to announce all events 24 hours in advance. Because the collect and create events start when almost everyone has done his raids and equipped gear to heroes during that day. This way, we miss out on alot of points, by not being able to wait until the event starts to do these actions


Thumbs up on the weekend events. Over all the more events the better. Think 7-8 PM GM time would be a good time to start.
As for rewards - love the elemental frags - but could be cool to get harder to find hero frags. Would force players reconsider which heroes to evolve. If u only get elemental frags u generally use them to evolve the ones that all ready are strong.
Personally id love gear that today are only obtainable in chests (hopless to promote halo beyond first rank gold!). But i think that would make the game a bit unbalanced and only interresting for players that allready have strong teams.



Maybe one cool event can be Played pvp matches played gauntlet played raid etc bring points or a TOTAL cool event with every Action bringing points spend gold spend gem play raid etc… And here must be e vary cool Reward Like a 9* Hero Or a special Effect for a Hero maybe like that: #1 get golden weapon effect #2 silver and etc. sooo many ideas i think that the players out there bringing longer motivation to play gun rise… because the rewards of the events now are not realy motivation stamina and money…

greets Vupi

Special Rewards can be Frames for the player portrait etc something that shows what you done in the events!



I totally agree with all of the above, but I would give away only the good rewards to top alliances. For instance #1 gets 100 gold per player #2 50 gold #3 25 per player and 4-10 10 gold or something and so on.

And a system for awarding the players who put in most effort in alliance events should also get rewarded, this way people benefit less if they do nothing (though you tackled this slightly already by inventing a 1 point minimum to claim rewards).

Note: this applies to every clan even though not ranked, but also requiers an X amount of alliance members.


I know How games over all work…but i can say 1-silver shouldnt be so hard to farm also drop Rates hmm…Talking in that Gold gear that cant be Farmed?! I play for 12 days iam loving it …i guess Alliance Rewards i would say Gold gears i think is cool Weekends i more time :wink:

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I think i agree a little bit with the rest but what i want To see are events where we Can Get hard To get heroes like prophet and Artemis ( and of course a good amount) and a lot of fragments for campaign heroes because i dont Often see campaign heroes in raids or pvp because it is harder for most people then buying some crates

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As I’d love to get Prophet or Artemis and the high star heroes, I think they will lose their speciality status if they were easy to get. Or else everyone would get them and when everyone has them they wouldn’t be special anymore.

Although, I agree hero fragments (or even elemental fragments) would be a good reward in events.