New gameplay addition : Hero pets/Hero support!

What do you guys think?
Pets are kind of support characters which cannot be killed. Maybe this could be an addition to the existing game modes, or maybe a new game mode in itself.
Lemme give you guys a few examples
Pet Bulldog
Ability : Distracts enemies and makes them miss shots
Pet Walker drone
Ability : periodically cloaks teammates and delivers heal per second
Pet Nightingale
Ability : uplifts teammate’s mood from time to time, increasing fire rate and healing received
You get the idea right??
Only one pet can be chosen per game or per round.

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I quit 3 different games because they invented pets and / or other kinds of supports. It’ll just become an excuse to release incomplete heroes and have another cash grab for us to chase.
So it’s a no from me.


Amen @ULFPAM , they can be added to costumes like a little parrot on Ryker or Wesson so he can get the most out of his eyepatch or the latter from his mechanical parts (example) but that’s it.

First mate Ryker or Admiral Wesson let’s make this a new thing!

I like it.

Me too.
Admiral Wesson sounds badass

It does sound bad when you put it that way, but I hear ya! It could break the game
It was just an idea off of the top of my head.
Maybe I could get points for originality?:sunglasses:

Without you #seapirateryker and #admiralwesson would not be a thing. Curse those blasted ninjas, hideo, odachi, sapphyr, and that padawan Kunoichi yaaaaargh!

years ago, i played a worms like game that included pets as part of the game. the pets served the only purpose of at times attacking or to get items dropped on screen. The only way to get them was through IGP. and of course you had weak pets and then pets that were strong. i never got to enjoy any of it cause i wasn’t going to spend stuff for these pets that would hardly attack.

in essence, this would just seem like an extra step at a cheap tactic. You already have a few heroes who can drop little helpers that can be killed. but this is just my 2 cents.

At first I thought this was a dumb idea because it’s overdone to death, but then I thought about how many characters are not useful compared to those 10 or so heroes we all use in pvp. Wouldn’t it be nice to have 1 passive skill that you could configure and give to whoever you want? That would go a long way in evening things out if the skills were enough to mitigate some of the broken-ness of those heroes.

But don’t call them pets. Pets are a gimmick that would feel very out of place in this game. And the idea that a pet gives you a combat ability is really stupid. Go with anything else.

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