Pets or Mascots?

Just throwing it out there. Could have ones that provide extended ammo clips, revives, health, armor,
could have skins really possibilities are endless, make them upgradeable and able to killed. upside for devs… Something more for us to spend gold and money and time on… Maybe even add them to gorgon run as added reward if it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

No plz. I disapprove.
I have seen this in very many games. It often leads to that the actual heroes are becoming less and less interesting only to have them “fixed” by using some RNG generated pet (that often also requires lots of resources to level up aka. the grind gets worse).


Agreed with @ULFPAM. The whole pet/companion thing is tropey and stale.


No to pets or mascot.
I agree with @ULFPAM and @Papa_Marsh !!

A big fat No from me also please No!

Only if I can have a tiny Hideo that Exo Leaps onto enemies while I shoot.


im gonna say no to this. Example of how bad it was. Years ago, i used to play/mod for a game called Wild Ones (pretty much like Worms but with animals and abilities). They introduced “pets” that help you at random times in matches. They would fly and bring back items or give hit the enemy for a small extra damage. sounds great, except for the fact that it cost a bit of IAP and the damn thing was broken. Would hardly activate, as if the probability of it doing something was slim.

It would add an unnecessarily complicated side to things, and make matches unbalanced. So I agree with the others.

If pets are armored and help with attack I’d be for it. I’ve played in games with pets and it always meets resistance at first but then gets accepted.

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