New Hero Concept: Alexei "Akula" Petrov

Backstory: Alexei “Akula” Petrov was born in a small village in his homeland of the cold Siberia. He was feared by his fellow men because of his birth defects, but that didnt stop Akula from being true to himself. He has devoted himself to be a hunter, and much like his brethren of the deep his senses can detect you from a far. It is time he took a bite out of injustice. with his unique abilities, he makes a formidable opponent. Dasvidaniya little fishes

Weapon: Klobb smg

Elemental: Energy

Faction: Shormen


  • Bronze: Senses (increased senses will boost his attack. can detect invisible enemies)
  • Silver: Bite (lunges at the enemy and takes a bite. will recover health in the process)
  • Gold: Tough Skin (reduces damage against him by 15%)
  • Plat: Lorenzini (sensors detect incoming attacks, giving him the chance to dodge)
  • Ruby: (insert Ruby Skill)


It’s a nice idea, but there’s a lot of information missing.
You have to spend more time on it when you create something, you have to put everything because only you know how it works and the others don’t.
take example from others, even from the posts of new heroes, only 4 lines and a drawing looks like something unwillingly done.


after 2 days, i got what i hope is a decent mini story. hard to think of them and a unique weapon.