New Hero Concept: Vlad

A hunter of sorts against the unnatural forces of evil

Weapon: Pistol

Faction: Mech


  • Bronze: Impale (throws a spike at the enemy with a chance to impale and root for a short time. If enemy is shielded, the spike penetrates and does extra damage)
  • Silver: Holy Water (tosses a holy water that cleanses the enemy of any buffs. fire has a chance to spread to other heroes)
  • Gold: Life Leech (after performing skill, have a chance to leave a leech that recovers health over a short time)
  • Plat: Axe (at the start of the fight, throws an axe to the enemy with the highest health. ignores shields. has a chance to stun)
  • Ruby: (insert Ruby skill here)
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Okay, really short and kind of lame but fun skills

not all hero concepts have to be written out like a life story :man_shrugging:

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So a vampire hunter.

I get that but i read these for fun and if i see one that has just skills and a name that’s not fun to read for me

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