New Hero Concept: Antique - Antiquarian Expert

Element: Mech
Faction: Order Of Purists
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 2/5

Before the war inflamed I was a simple salesman.
I was running a small antique jewelry store with my brother.
Unfortunately we were one of the first stores to fall into Kurtz’s hands…and with it my brother.
I don’t know what he could use those old pieces of iron for, but I hope for him that he doesn’t found them for who knows what kind of futuristic robot of the imagination of these young people today. it’s valuable stuff and I would be very angry, for example one of the…
I cut here because he was taking too much time.

Continuous Oppressive Support - Heavy Caliber Ammunition - Light DPS - Old Logorroic Man

  • A weary man expert in antiquities with a small fixation for antique weapons.
  • when he starts firing he doesn’t stop anymore. his old rusty crank gatling will have a slower rate, but can recharge instantly whenever he assigns a critical shot.
  • the only thing he remembers about his brother are his beard and white hair.

Bronze: Fire To Dust - Shoot an iron ball at the target area, damaging the cover heavily.
The ball has two possibilities, it has a 50% chance to explode on impact causing less damage but covering a larger area or 50% to stun the target for 6sec when hitting it directly.

Silver: And the Gatling Goes - increases the ammunition of the weapon to 82 and as it fires it increases the damage and the rate of fire.

  • [And Gatling Goes] remains active until the next reload, if you stop you will lose all boosts.

Gold: One Hand Pulls The Other - reduces the chance of a critical hit by 15% but when one is hit, it fully reloads the weapon.

Platinum: Antiques Of Value - [One Hand Pulls The Other] and, when activated, [And The Gatling Goes] are also applied to allied heroes.

  • Allies only get secondary boosts such as fire rate, damage and the possibility to instantly reload their weapons.

Ruby: Doing Damage

Appearance: is a man with yellowish skin, low and plump half bald and with a big white moustache.
He is well dressed, wearing a white shirt with a green sleeveless sweater on top, brown pants and brown shoes.
he also wears a red shirt, a pair of big black glasses.
so well dressed, it’s a mystery where he keeps the ammunition.

His Weapon: Old Brass.
a very old model of crank Gatling with 6 rotating rods and an incorporated naval cannon.
It is not a very practical weapon, has a very low rate and few ammunition for a machine gun, but it is accurate and has a very fast reload.
With the upgrades it becomes a Brass Beast

Class: LMG
Shooting Rate: 3.15 :arrow_right: 12.60
Ammunition Capacity: 18 :arrow_right: 100
Recharge Time: 0.7 sec
Damage: Low :arrow_right: High


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