New Hero Concept: Patriot - Proud Patriot

Element: Mechanic
Faction: Patriots
Position: Midline

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 4/5

If this is God’s hand, I’m his middle finger.
Engineer - Gunsmith - Support
An (extremely) patriotic veteran who just wants to defend his house with his huge arsenal of legal weapons (?)

Bronze: Gatling - places a machine gun in front of him that will replace the primary weapon.

  • The turret has xxx health, low rate of fire and 150 bullets
  • If the hero changes position, the turret remains exposed to fire.
  • The turret is not automatic, it needs hero to work

Silver: Armageddon - increases the rate of fire of his weapon and gets endless ammo and starts firing all kinds of bullets in the game.

  • In this state, the accuracy of the weapon is very bad.
  • All bullets that hit enemies cause hindrance.
  • The upgrade takes 10 seconds.

Gold: (il)Legal Upgrades - the skills get special power-ups:

  • Gatling; When it is active and the hero is using it, the more time he shoots, the higher the rate of fire increases and if he kills an enemy, the ammunition automatically reloads.
  • Armageddon; At the last second, the weapon fires a small rocket in a straight line that explodes in a huge area that hits all enemies and destroys all covers.

Platinum: Patriotic Spirit - increases the normal and critical damage of the entire team based on how many enemies are present in the field (including generated troops)

  • every time an ally dies, he gets xx extra health and a shield that absorbs 25% of the incoming damage for 5 seconds
  • if the shield is not destroyed, it sacrifices all its extra health plus the remaining health of the shield to revive the fallen ally

Appearance: is a very old man of strong build.
He has short white hair, a very light beard and is slightly tanned.
He wears a pair of glasses, a grey t-shirt, an orange vest, military pants and black boots.

His Weapon: Browing is a very old machine gun, modified with a drum magazine and two barrels.
not very powerful and with the rate of fire low, but very accurate.

shooting rate: 3.40
ammunition capacity: 30
recharge time: 3 seconds
damage: low

Rare Skin: Mr. President
a little dream in the drawer.
is dressed in black jacket and red tie, black pants, white shirt and black shoes

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