New Hero Concept: Spike - Spinous Assailant

Element: Mech
Faction: Global Forces
Position: Frontline

Hp 2/5
Armor 4/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 3/5

Come closer if you want… but not too close, eh

Heavy Support - Glass Cannon - Wide Skill Damage - Immense Reach
Heavy frontiline protected by a large handmade armour covered with thorns, nails and spikes.
his favorite job is to make holes in the cheese

Bronze: Wall of Thorns - closes in a defensive position by joining arms as a shield and starting to absorb all incoming damage for 8sec.
After that it explodes firing a huge amount of thorns that will hit anything using the damage accumulated before to cause more damage.

  • The pins go through the shell and armor by 50%.
  • The skill cannot be undone and if the hero dies in the process, it will still explode but cause half the damage.

Silver: Earthbreaker - Beats fists to the ground generating different seismic waves that will point at enemies and explode in their vicinity creating huge thorns that will impale enemies blocking them.

  • Before they disappear, the thorns will explode and generate more minor damage.

Gold: Acupuncture - sometimes when he suffers damage, the hero will shoot thorns pointing at the enemy who caused that damage

Platinum: Crown of Thorns - as long as the hero is alive, all enemies will suffer slight X damage over time.
When the hero dies, [Crown of Thorns] will have a slight boost to the damage and then disappear after 6sec.

Ruby: Tanked Up

Appearance: he’s a very large, muscular man, but short.
He wears a round, handcrafted armor covered in spikes and thorns.


the bad one is obviusly mine

His Weapon: the Nail Gun, it’s a big 4-barrel, automatic cannon.
It shoots a huge amount of nails with a huge spread, but it is weak, the rate is low and reloading is slow.

shooting rate :4.90
ammunition capacity : 10
recharge time : 2.1 sec
damage : Low


he basically sneeze

Other Notes

this was the original concept


I like that you included an intro! :laughing:

Nice, like Razorback on steroids, but still useful if he dies first.