New Hero Concept: Apoc - Laser Technician

Element: Mechanic
Faction: Irregular KLG
Position: Rearline

HP 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 3/5

It’s useful to have a huge satellite laser cannon.
Besides disintegrating everything, you can set it to cook bacon perfectly without burning it.

Technical - Support - Destructor - Powerful but slow recharging skills
A special soldier who can recall the attack of a satellite laser cannon and pulverize anything

Bronze: Straight To The Point - point with a laser the target enemy, after 3 seconds at the hero’s feet a laser beam appears that following a straight trajectory, hits and damages anything during the passage.

  • The beam is slow and easy to dodge, but it leaves a trail of fire that can continue to damage enemies for other 4 seconds.

Silver: M.O.L.A - Launches a flying target in the center of the enemy field that recalls a massive laser attack destroying and hitting all enemies and covers.

Gold: Energy Recycling - laser attacks cause more damage to enemies and instantly incinerate covers.
When a laser destroys a cover, that area ignites and spreads flames throughout the enemy camp.

  • the fire persists for 12 seconds

Platinum: Solar Panels - increase elemental damage and the probability of critical hits.
Head shots cause double damage and critical hits ignite the target for 3 seconds.

Appearance: is a man of medium height, equipped with a black and grey spacesuit, a totally black helmet and various details in red.

this is pretty much how I imagine him.

and no I don’t draw them, I find them on google image.
I always look for images that are closer to what I mean.

His Weapon: The “Pinching” Laser Carbine it’s actually a rifle, but because it’s smaller than normal it’s considered a carabine.
It uses 4 stylus batteries as ammunition and uses a mirror system to shoot laser beams at medium speed.

this is one of my “drawings”

shooting rate : 6.50
ammunition capacity : 21
recharge time : 2.8 seconds
damage : medium

Other Notes

Difference between Apoc’s satellite laser cannon and Oracle’s orbital artillery.
The first difference says the name of the two cannons, the first fires a single continuous laser beam while the other fires plasma grenades.
The laser is faster and more accurate, but the cannon is more powerful and can cause area damage.


I like this concept, especially the precision laser aspect of the bronze could be useful against cover runners.

The gold cover damage might be a bit OP, especially if the silver skill destroys all cover. The platinum double-damaging headshot would be extremely overpowered if the weapon basic damage was too much. Maybe reduce that by a bit.

Good concept!