New Hero Concept: Lazerus - Big Laser Guy

Element: Energy
Faction: SAR 112

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 4/5
Skills 3/5

Big guns for the big boy
DOT - Hot Head
an energumen with a plasma-pump cannon that causes more and more damage as it shoots


Bronze: Proton Battery - Shoot a destructive energy sphere that causes a big explosion and draws nearby enemies to the affected area.

  • the affected enemies suffer “silence” and “disorientation” for 3 seconds

Silver: LB XL - replaces the primary fire with a continuous laser beam.

  • has endless ammunition, but if it fires for 4 consecutive seconds the weapon overheats and locks for 2 seconds.
  • The laser remains active for 12 seconds.
  • is devastating agains shields

Gold: Arc Energy - adds extra elemental damage to active abilities

  • Proton Battery’s energy sphere shoots electric beams at nearby enemies before they explode
  • LB XL chains up an electric beam that hits and stuns all enemies every time the weapon overheats

Platinum: Tesla Adapter - the hero’s weapon increases the rate of fire and damage as he shoots, but at the same time it starts to suffer more and more damage.

Appearance - is a large, muscular, bald, black man with a slight beard, a small scar on his right eyebrow and a large scar from his right shoulder to his pelvis.
He wears a military helmet, a light armor similar to a sleeveless shirt, two fingerless gloves, dark military pants and black boots.

I put passion in this drawing the eyes are missing because I don’t know how to make them.

His weapon: The “*** Glove Plasma Cannon***” is an experimental auto-shotgun formed large glove, fires a rose of bullets with a very high radius (it is easy to miss the target).

shooting rate: Low increases while firing
ammunition capacity: 20
recharge time: 4 seconds
damage: High

Note: LB XL is a continuous beam like Anvil’s, not a sort of minigun like Yeager.


Excellent artwork, keep it up!