New Faction Concept : VoD (Victims of 0-Day)

Victims of 0-Day (VoD)

Who are they?
Previously unknown heroes that were affected by Heronium attacks from the KLG forces on days on and around 0-Day

What do they do?
They fight together in a seperate faction from the Rangers, they plan together to stop the KLG their terrorism

Who are they now?
They are now people that have special abilities. Radon to be the first one infected way before 0-day, because he is exposed longer he has multiple powers, he is the founder of VoD and set it up on 0-Day to take in others that would be affected by the attacks

The faction exists out of:

Radon A master of controlling elements. due to his longer exposure to Heronium he has learned to control multiple powers, he is a true born leader himself and never gives up on his dreams.

Skye she has the ability to visually see and change people their memories, she can trigger effects with these powers to encourage others to keep fighting.

Jess A veteran medic from before 0-day, whilst on a mission with Atlas and his squad they got attacked by Heronium attacks and fell apart, as the missiles we’re experimental the KLG didn’t know what they had created, a medic that did not only heal, but slaughter…

‘Unknown’ nothing is really known about him, all we know is that he has an insane hatred on the KLG, he uses his own strenght to shield and heal allies, what other powers he contains, remains unknown.

Atlas a veteran soldier from before 0-day, while on a mission with his squad they got attacked by the Heronium attacks and fell apart, wounded with his medic they ran to the escort zone, while being escorted they both realized they were not wounded anymore and they noticed changes in their strenght, little did the KLG know what they have just created, a litteral behemoth

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