New Hero Concept: Basilisk - Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery

Element: Mechanical
Faction: Bandits
Position: Frontline

Hp 4/5
Armor 4/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 5/5

Pilot: I built this robot from scratch, starting with my uncle’s old blueprints.
Maybe I got the measurements wrong because it looks smaller than it should be.
If my uncle would see it now, I don’t know if he’d be crazy happy or if he’d want to kill me.

Artillery Mecha - Tank - Support - Sustained Damage - Shielder
Mobilized artillery in compact dimensions
Adaptable to any role, can destroy and protect at the same time.
And thanks to its double 4-barrelled canons, even enemies behind a concrete bunker can’t escape it.

Bronze: Blasting Showers - Fire a huge amount of rockets covering the area of the entire enemy camp.

  • For greater accuracy, hold down the skill button to reduce the area of action in order to cause massive damage even to a single enemy

Silver: Bounce Barrier - throw a shield at an ally.
if the ally takes it, the shield will continue to bounce between allies until everyone has one.
If the ally misses it, the shield will stop bouncing and disappear.

  • [Bounce Barrier] can’t accumulate.

Gold: Excessive Manoeuvres - at the start of the game, the mech has a 50% chance to charge forward and overwhelm all enemies in its trajectory or shoot crazily hitting all enemies.

  • If charging forward, it will suffer a 30% speed reduction until the end of the game.
  • If you shoot crazily, it will suffer a 30% reduction in accuracy until the end of the game.

Platinum: Universal Barrier - when all Allies will have a shield, these will be cancelled and a huge barrier will be created that will encompass the entire Allied camp.

  • [Universal Barrier] can only exist if all allies have [Bounce Barrier], other types of shields will not activate it.

Appearance: is a medium-sized mecha. (almost like Galante but a little taller)
is all squatted, arms and legs short and without an actual head.
it’s all blue/metallic grey, with details in black

The Pilot, is a young Hawaiian girl with long, black, curly hair and dark skin.
She wears simple mechanic’s clothes, a striped T-shirt, a blue overalls and yellow work shoes.

His Weapons: “definitely not stolen from a military helicopter” or “DNSFaMH” are a pair of 30mm double automatic cannons.
They have a high rate of fire, sustained damage, a lot of ammunition and more or less good accuracy.
This weapons has the only flaw that when it shoot in full auto, it overheats and takes longer to recharge.

shooting rate : 8.50
ammunition capacity : 120
recharge time : 1.5 sec / 3 sec when overheated
damage : Average


Nice, a mecha character. Those are always fun in games.