New Hero Concept: Bastion - The Iron Beast

Mechanical Hero
Faction: Klg

this beast is a nightmare for anyone who has met him
(always if they survived)

Hp 3/5
Armour 5/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

Bronze: Heavy Turret - mounts a heavy machine gun that replaces the primary weapon

  • the machine gun has a 100-shot magazine and a high rate of fire.
  • It remains in the field until the shots are finished or it is destroyed.
  • As long as it uses the turret, Bastion cannot move.

Silver: Riot Shield - pulls out a riot shield that absorbs up to 40% of damage

  • lasts 10 seconds or until it is destroyed
  • during use, Bastion will move slower

Gold: Dragon Breath - The shots fired by the Bastion’s main weapon have a 65% chance to set the enemy on fire

Platinum: Avant-garde - for the first 5 seconds from the start of the match, Bastion attracts the fire on himself

appearance: Bastion is a man of dubious mental sanity, wearing a juggernaut armor all black with some shades of dark green

his weapon is a desert eagle, high damage but charging speed and rate of fire quite low

this is the turret :arrow_down_small:

and I’ve already thought about a legendary skin, which makes it even bigger and badass and changes the gold skill.

Leggendary bronze Skill: Grenade Turret - replaces the main weapon with a grenade launcher.

  • the turret has 25 grenades, medium rate of fire, low damage.
  • enemies outside the cover take double damage.
  • as long as he uses the turret, Bastion cannot move.

Aa bit of backstory:
Bastion is the personal bodyguard of Kurts and second in command, a two-door wardrobe of pure wickedness.
In case Kurts fails, he will inherit all his power.
His story begins about fifteen years ago, when he still used his name as a recruit (Roadie).
He was part of a heavy frontal assault team, his team was sent to assault a rebel fortress.
the assault was successful, but there were heavy losses, the members of 2 teams all died; two of his companions died from the explosion of several mines, the team leader died crushed by the collapse of a wall, the doctor reported only several light injuries.
Bastion was found dying under a pile of rubble, was immediately taken to the field hospital, the diagniosis revealed several shrapnel fragments scattered throughout the body of which a large one stuck in the head, 5-6 broken ribs, the bone of the right arm completely pulverized and the left leg missing, practically little remained of him.
They operated it, they removed most of the fragments, the one stuck on the head only had to shorten it, put a metal plate as a substitute for the ribs and replaced the missing limbs with prostheses.
discharged from the hospital after several months of therapy, he returned again to fight, but because of his wounds still fresh, the highest ranks of the army rejected him.
He tried an unlimited number of times but the only answer he received was always a dry and cold NO.
Struck by his tenacity, a young Kurts (he still had hair), offered him a deal: Kurts would have taken him on his team if he would undergo several top secret experiments.
Bastion did not have to repeat it twice and accepted immediately.
Thanks to the technologies held by Kurts, Bastion received a “new” body, cybernetical grafts everywhere, the prosthesis replaced by mechanical parts and in his blood various types of nano machines were injected, which strengthened it, all inserted inside a heavy suit.
Basically it was a living tank.
From that day he promised eternal fidelity to Kurts, and even though he knew he would do horrible things in the course of his life, he would follow him, support him and protect him forever.

The Leggendary Skin backstory:
(ps: this story is based on the final of the sector 13, which unfortunately I have not yet completed, what you read here is an alternative ending)
What you see is not the real Bastion, but a robot with its memories.
The real Bastion died during the failed defense of the Kurts fort.
After the assault of the FAU and the arrest of Kurts, Bastion’s body was found by a recovery team of the surviving KLG.
They built a Robot in his image and likeness and inserted his memoirs.
(AI does not know that the real Bastion is dead and that he is just a robot.)
The new Bastion inheriting all the power of Kurts decided to withdraw all his remaining army in a remote place, in order to recover resources, regain war power and one day return to avenge the fallen friend.


That’s actually not bad, I’ve been thinking of a similar character myself with slightly modified skills:
Bronze skill: Minigun
The hero replaces his weapon with a 100 shot minigun that pierces cover and shields, high fire rate (slow movement)
Silver skill: Hellfire missile
This hero launches a missile that targets all enemies on battlefield, and deals large mech damage in an area for each missile hit after 5 seconds.
Gold skill: Personal shield
This hero deploys a shield that reduces damage by 80% while reloading his weapon or casting a skill. Hero cannot be staggered while shield is active
Platinum skill: Shield synergy
(Personal shield) applies to all allies
Main weapon: LMG (m249 SAW style)
Probably would be a 7-star mech hero or 5 star

All hail Lord Tachanka