Bartizan brings to the game a unique feature where he’s getting altered when his skills are charged. A powerful attacker or a immovable sentinel - it’s your choice.

Bartizan is a mech mid-liner using a bazooka as his main weapon. While slow to reload it can deal substantial damage to a small area, shattering both covers and enemies. And yes, roast me because we have another resurrector! I felt like the mech team should also have one.

(numbers below refers to a level 75 Platinum build)

Active: Bartizan sets up a shield absorbing 500.000 damage and taunts the enemy team. While this skill is active, Bartizan roots himself in position. The effect lasts for 15 seconds or until shield is depleted.
Passive: As long as this skill is fully recharged, Bartizan improves his speed and fire rate by 50%. When this skill is fully charged his Silver skill stops from recharging further.

Active: Bartizan overcharges his bazooka for a big blow destroying the targeted hero’s cover, deals 80.000 mech damage to target and stuns the target for 5 seconds.
Passive: As long as this skill is fully recharged, Bartizan restores 8000 health points per second. When this skill is fully charged his Bronze skill stops from recharging further.

Any hero who stays behind the same cover as Bartizan for 5 seconds gets a shot of (Safeguard): the concerned hero gets a shield absorbing 100.000 for damage and is immune to headshots and critical hits. The shield lasts for 10 seconds or until depleted. When a shot of (Safeguard) expires the effect bounces to a random front- or rear-line ally.

Should Bartizan be the first hero to die he starts to rebuild himself as soon as the last ally dies. During rebuild phase Bartizan puts up a shield absorbing 250.000 damage. The rebuild phase lasts for 6 seconds. Should the shield be depleted within 6 seconds Bartizan stays dead and the opponent wins. Should Bartizan survive the rebuild phase he is resurrected at 50% health and with a random (Bronze or Silver) skill fully charged.

So what u mean is that when this hero dies and all others have died, he will resurrect after 6 seconds and if the shield depletes before the shield expires, he’s dead?
Also, does he redo this after the second time he dies?