New Hero Concept: Vulcan - Through the Fire and Flames

Element: Mech
Position: Midline

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 4/5
Skills 4/5

You’re all gonna burn in the purifying flames
Suicidal DPS/DOT - pyromaniac - kind of a support
a crazy pyromaniac who no one has figured out if he’s extremely smart or extremely stupid.
ignites the battlefield causing violent damage to anyone.
(even to himself)

Bronze: The Flor is Lava - disperses throughout the field an extremely hot liquid that slows down and causes damage to enemies and covers that increase over time, the hero himself suffers slight damage.

  • the liquid remains in the field for 6sec and when it disappears all enemies have a 30% chance of getting stuck in place for 3sec.

Silver: Human Torch - The hero sets himself on fire by boosting elemental damage from 50% to 200%, but suffers slight and constant damage over time.

  • The percentage increases by 10% for every X of health that the skill takes away, but also the damage that the hero suffers increases.
  • When the bonus reaches 200%, it persists until the end of the game.

Gold: Purifying Flames - The hero’s skills and weapon get and cause extra fire damage.

  • Critical shots ignite the target for 3sec, other critical shots at the burning target increase its duration by 1sec.
  • [The Flor is Lava] Every second enemies have a 50% chance to catch fire and spread the flames between them.
  • [Human Torch] When an enemy attacks the hero, 25% of the damage is converted to health and the enemy catches fire.

Platinum: It’s hot here - the hero gets different bonus effects based on his health status.

  • At maximum health, any damage caused by a sub-effect of his skills, reloads more quickly the energy of the skills.
  • If the damage of the skills is less than 50% of the health, the hero’s health is recovered.
  • When the hero dies, he explodes, creating a nova that hits and burns everything.

Is a very thin man, almost skeletal, pale, bald and sooty.
He wears only light armor, which in theory should protect him from the flames.

His Weapon:
The Inflammation, is a small silenced carbine with a burst of 2 shots and with attached flame thrower

shooting rate : 6.60
ammunition capacity : 21
recharge time : 2.15 seconds
damage : Medium


Very cool I wish you continued creativity​:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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the song by Dragon Force should have the same title with your heroes… Through the fire and the flames… Lol…

If everything were as it should be, it would be boring.