Pyromaniac remake

I will leave the numbers, naming, and appearance to the viewer’s imagination so he can be as overpowered or underpowered as you want. I always wanted a hero with a flamethrower that would probably work similar to Yeager’s laser so this is what I came up with. Since the pyromaniac is pretty much the useless klg version of purifier, this is my version of what he should be.

Front line
Primary weapon: flare gun

Bronze: Switches his weapon to a flamethrower that deals (x) damage and (x) elemental damage per second for 3 seconds to any targets hit. Flamethrower has 100 ammunition.

Silver: Throws a bottle of a flammable gas that effects anyone that enters the target area for 15 seconds. Each second an enemy is in the effected area gain a charge of [flammable] up to 10 charges. Enemies Afflicted with [flammable are silenced, disoriented, and take (x) more elemental damage.

Gold: Any enemy damaged by this hero with a charge of [flammable] explodes for (x) damage in a small area.

Platinum: Enemies that take damage from this hero always take (x) damage per second for 3 seconds and are [revealed].
Additionally, If this hero dies while flamethrower is active explode dealing (x) mech damage and (x) damage per second to 3 random enemies.