New Hero Concept: Butterfly - Knife Juggler

Element: Energy
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 4/5
Skills 4/5

Throwing a knife is easy.
Throwing a knife and catching someone is more complicated.

Damage Support - Glass Armor - Fast Striker
Professional knife thrower, she worked in circuses for a long time perfecting her aim.
if that’s not enough, she’ s also got a small spare battery that uses it to give the fight a sparkling touch.

Bronze: Dance Of Blades - throw 3 knives at one or three enemies causing X damage.

  • knives will remain attached to enemies for 6sec.

Silver: Increased Rhythm - electrifies the bullets causing X more damage.
If the target still has a knife attached, it will be struck by lightning that causes more X damage and can chain with the other two enemies with knives still on them if they are close enough.

Gold: Backup Battery - a small battery stores energy during the game until X, when it is charged the hero will increase the damage of the next use of [Increased Rhythm].

  • The extra damage will be equivalent to the accumulated damage.
  • [Backup Battery] needs 15sec of recharging between uses.

Platinum: Electrical Immunity - when [Backup Battery] is active, the hero becomes immune to elemental energy damage and reduces the chances of being hit by a negative effect such as Stun, Root and Disorientation, but mechanical elemental damage will increase by 5% against the hero.

Ruby: Doing Damage

Appearance: she’s a medium height, thin, long brown hair tied in a braid in the back.
She wears a very simple combat suit, black and white military pants, black boots, a t-shirt and a bulletproof vest.

Her Weapons: The CCQ16 are a pair of semi-automatic pistols with a high rate of fire.
They are not very accurate, have little ammunition and have medium damage.

(old draw)

shooting rate : 7.50
ammunition capacity : 16
recharge time : 1.1 sec
damage : Medium


Looks cool, very cool!