New Hero Concept: Caliban the E.T

Story Time: Part of an intergalactic fight, Caliban saw to escape for survival using a wormhole. Unlucky for him, there was a split second attack that miscalculated his trajectory to an unknown part of time. In an unfamiliar world, he is determined to survive. Will these inhabitants view him as friend or foe.

Weapon: repeater blaster


  • Bronze: Salvo (does a quick scan of the environment to target the enemies, then shoots plasma missiles to the targeted enemies)
  • Silver: Black Hole (enemies caught in the hole will take damage until the hole is finished. If the enemy is caught in the vortex, they can not escape until duration is over)
  • Gold: Offensive shots (every few successful shots will increase damage of the next shot)
  • Platinum: Overcharge (basic attacks reduce the cooldown of his bronze/silver)
  • Ruby: (insert Ruby attack)

Here is a song about aliens