New Hero Concept: Chef - Ready To Serve

Mechanical Hero
Faction: S.W.A.T.

Hp 2/5
Armour 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

This kitchen robot will cure his allies with delicious dishes of dubious quality

Bronze: Flying Pans - takes aim and throws a frying pan at the target, stunting him for 3 seconds and disorienting him for 5 seconds.

Silver: Champagne - throws a bottle of champagne at the target that will explode on impact.

Gold: Ready and Served - when an ally falls below 50% of health, Chef will automatically throw him a dish that will regenerate health over time.

Platinum: MasterChef - increases the damage of Flying Pan, gives a corrosive bonus to Champagne and improves the healing properties of Ready and Served.

Appearance: is mainly based on Clyde, the Zenyatta (Overwatch) and Clap-trap (Borderlands).
He wears only a chef’s hat, a fake moustache and a white apron, the rest of the exoskeleton is completely white and dark gray.

He has two knife holders at the sides with 8 knives (4 per side) medium throw speed, fast recharge, moderate damage

A bit of Backstory: Chef is an old prototype of Clyde, modified with a more friendly appearance and a more family friedly voice.
Many of them were built and scattered all over the world, but they had to take them all back because for a system Bug, instead of cooking, the robot threw knives from all over and many people were killed.
They were disassembled and left to rust in the warehouse of the factory, which had already been abandoned for a long time since the beginning of the war.
They were found years later by Truck while he was looking for spare parts for himself, among all the wreckage he was the only one still working but he was battered.
Truck used it today, removed the old program and added a special one that updates every 24 hours (all kitchen stuff) and gave it its own personality.
The only thing he could not fix was the Bug on the predefined sentences, otherwise it was perfect.


Hellboy will be a strong competitor against