New Hero Concept: Heavy Sniper - Heavy Anti-Personnel Defense

7 :star: Hero Concept

Element: Mechanical ec8f61606d7e5dfdce881bffa661e7244fcf736c
Faction: UAF image
Position: Rearline

HP 1/5
Armor 0/5
Damage 5/5
Skills 8/5

A Bit of Backstory

UAF Headquarters
Recreation hall, a group of soldiers talk about current events

Rifleman: man with all these new appearances, giant robots, beings from other dimensions… gods… life is getting much more difficult.
Scout: yeah.
Defender: even recruits are being sent into battle and without proper training, poor guys.
Scout: yeah
Medic: generally I’m against violence, but at this point they should give us better weapons, in a while we’ll get to using slingshots.
Scout: yeah
Technician: are you so traumatized that you have nothing to say other than " Yeah"?
Scout: yeah

a Commander happens near the group and listens to them, worried about his subordinates, goes to ask the general for an interview.

Secretariat Room

Commander: Sorry to disturb, I would like a moment to speak with the… Commander Ryker?
Ryker: …hmm… secretary… Ryker…
Commander: buth…okay…I request an audience with the general it’s quite urgent.
Ryker: … you can come in even now…
Commander: oh

Commander enters the general’s room but finds Major.

Commander: Major Panzer! thought I would find the general…
P: sorry for the disappointment commander, but the general has left on a mission and for now I’m acting as her deputy, but go ahead… you found me on a break.
C: oh… sorry to bother you… ahmm… what was it… ah yes; Major, the morale of our troops has dropped below the heels, I happened to overhear a conversation of theirs and I’m worried about them… I don’t want to write any more condolence letters…
P: hmmm… you are a good man, apparently different from others, who cares about his subordinates, I’ll just tell you that we are working on improving the structure and the army, with the new supplies coming in from the government.
C: [in a low voice] that’s not what I wanted to hear.
P: Now go Commander, the break is over.
C: mah… aawh… Yes Sir.

Commander leaves the room.

Ryker: … wow… knock on wood, you’ve displaced him major [sarcastically].
Panzer: Shut up Ryker… but unfortunately he’s right… the morale of the troops is below zero, every day soldiers are dying like flies in the electric lamp… I don’t know what to do anymore and the general as she comes goes away…
Ryker: not to mention that we lack both weapons and ammunition… wait a minute, we had an undercover agent in the KLG…we could contact them.
Panzer: for once you had a good idea Jack.

Panzer initiates a holo-call to the agent, of which them immediately replies

Panzer: Agent code name Æφδ , tell me you have news?
???: no, sir, unfortunately the KLG is also in the same situation, we don’t have any weapons, ammunition and in a while not even more soldiers, they are opting to use cyberclones and are getting in touch with several arms dealers.
P: ventured… who are the aforementioned?
???: the first one is Brogan, then the guy with the crest … I think his name was Verrill, then three others appeared but the names escape me … but one of them is a mercenary.
P: can you get in touch with them?
???: I could, but then my cover would be at risk.
P: do it anyway and give them my private contact code “█████████”
???: yes sir.

The call closes.

Ryker: will that have been a good idea?
Panzer: we’ll see about that

Later that night, Panzer receives an encrypted holo-call.

???: hello major, hope I haven’t disturbed you.
P: no, I was expecting you
???: well…a little bird told me that maybe you would need my services at UAF and I am willing to give them to you, but keep in mind that my prices are…quite high.
P: I’m also willing to pay in person, but I’d like to see the goods first–in person.
???: uuuh, I like it girl, bold…I’m a merchant of few words and prefer to get right to the point, so I’ll send you some coordinates shortly and we can talk business in person. and if there’s time…even a poker game.
P: Good.

after a week, several sets of Caravans full of new equipment arrive at the UAF base.

Ryker: ulalà Major, so much choice merchandise… armor, weapons, cybernetics parts… the soldiers will be slightly happier now that they are going to die with more expensive equipment than before [sarcastically].
Panzer: I’m not particularly proud of how I got it, but the highlight is in this box.

Panzer approaches a large box and opens it, inside are several parts of an apparent large weapon.

Ryker: Woah… isn’t this…?
Panzer: yes Ryker, it is…

Panzer activates the intercom

P: Soldiers, as you may have noticed, new equipment has arrived as we promised, now, this equipment requires new training that you will all be obliged to attend, but I assure you that after that we would have the closest victory than you remember and that soon we could all go home to our families.
And I also inform you that we are reopening training as heavy snipers, I tell you frankly, it is much harder than normal sniper training, but we need operators and this is the best time to become one, we are waiting for you… no, your conutry awaits you.

After a while a rally of applause and cheers of approval can be heard from all over the headquarters.
apparently, Panzer’s impromptu speech worked

Glass Armor - High Damage Dealer - Threat

  • Compared to their fellow Sentry and Scouts, the Heavy Snipers are equipped with much heavier armament, which usually comes to clear out explosive areas where artifices have failed.
  • Another common use is as a coastal defense against aircraft / moving and heavily armored vehicles, but usually the weapons are radio controlled from a distance.
  • It is not difficult to train new operators as much as to make them survive the recoil of the weapons themselves, so far over 239 operators have died.

Dark Matter Spike
loads an experimental projectile that fuses normal and current elemental damage causing reverse damage to the target’s element, but damaging the hero with the recoil of the shot.

  • if the hit is successful, it regains health equal to that lost.

Special Ammo
Each time it is activated, the weapon’s ammo type changes.
Accelerated Explosive: area damage that damages shields and armor between 50-100%.
50Cal.: Deals normal damage equal to the target’s normal health.
Double Impact: The projectile explodes twice on impact with the target destroying the target’s weapon and ammunition reducing accuracy, rate of fire, damage and amount of ammunition until the end of the match.

  • the choise is purely casual
  • once fired, the bullets will return to normal.

Tracer Mark
after hitting the target, the bullet wiil leave a [Tracer Mark] on the enemy body part increasing the next bullet damage by X%.
If the next shot is missed or another enemy gets hit, the current [Tracer Mark] will disappear.

  • [Tracer Mark] works on critical hits.

Excellent Aim
each critical shot hits increases the chance of a next critical hit by X%

Triple Acceleration
Thanks to the three acceleration chambers of the weapon, the fired projectile can reach such speeds it can shoot down satellites in orbit.
The bullet deals x1000% more damage equal to the enemy’s armor.

  • every 10 levels 1000% is added

a soldier of average height and weight, age and gender unknown.
each soldier is equipped with common camouflage equipment but only they can provide their own customization.

Extra Skins

Winter and Autumn common

Their Weapon: Ades B52 30mm
an enormous anti-material bolt action sniper rifle, that technically is banned from several countries for its exagerated fire power, thou less powerfull versions are used as defence system.
aesthetically it is not the most beautiful in the world, but it is the most powerful and effective around
it is extremely slow in fire rate and reload, but it is all compensated for by the enormous firepower and accuracy.

Class: Sniper Rifle
Fire Rate: 1.5
Ammunition capacity: 3
Reload Speed: 2.5 sec
Damage: capable of making your device go crash kind of power

all icons are taken from around the forum and


Really liked the way you worked everything out here. Loving the interaction between other units and another 10+ points for the originality of the concept. The abilities are very creative and unique as well!

I have a concept of two myself, just not the best with drawings or visuals, your be looking great!!!

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