New Hero Concept: Scorcher - Flamerhrower Tank

4 :star: Gilded Crate Hero Concept

Element: Void void
Faction: Magistrates image
Position: Midline

Hp 5/5
Armor 5/5
Skills 3/5


[phone rings]

Kier: Yes?
???: Hello Mr. Kier, I have a job for you.
Kier: Who are you and how did you get my number?
???: My name is not important and a mutual friend gave me your number, but anyway, as I said I have a job for you.
Kier: …be quick
???: Well, have you ever heard of the "Descending Sun " project?
Kier: I think so… when the old government wanted to create bipedal flamethrower tanks, but the production costs were too high and the AI was unstable… and i believe someone has died too
???: I see you are informed Mr. Kier, worthy of note; however, I sent a team of mine to “salvage” one of the tanks and I want you to… how should I put it… modernize it with your technology.
Kier: And why me? couldn’t you have asked like the KLG or the UAF? I know those people like weapons of mass destruction.
???: ohohoh believe me, I have already tried, but since the arrival of that Ryker I have lost my main client; anyway, if it is for the money or for the heronium don’t worry I will take care of it, but you have to do me one last favor, once the tank is completed you have to deliver it to the Magistrates.
Kier: Why?
???: I have already explained part of the plan to you, you don’t need to know all of it, it’s for your own good. I expect great things from you. over.

[call ended]

Kier: Wait… Damn, that voice was creepy… did anyone trace the call?
Technician1: Yes sir, but it’s coming from an overseas source out of drone range.
Keir: Great
Technician2: Uhmm sir, three helicopters are approaching the base.
Kier: uh, that was fast.

[landing base, from the landed helicopter three soldiers exit through the main door while two others unload containers].

Kier: wow, that thing is huge and there’s enough heronium for 1 year’s production, can I at least get the name of my client?
Soldier: stick to the plan and don’t ask questions.
Kier: …

[after 2 hours, the helicopters take off again].

Kier: okay gentlemen, we have a job to do.

Berserker - DOT - Disruptor - Cover Negator

  • Scorcher is a bipedal tank equipped with heavy incediary armament and modified to support the enormous power of the void Heronium.
  • The original design was created by the old government as a tank capable of going anywhere, defending, besieging, and repelling any attack, but production costs, unstable AI, and the accidental death of a few technicians soon caused the project to be abandoned.
  • These days, a new and mysterious figure has taken possession of some old projects and recovered one of the models, instead of rebuilding it for themself, they decided to “collaborate” with Kier and through a secret agreement passed into the hands of the Magistrates.

Flame Eruptor
activate the flamethrower replacing the main weapon until it runs out of fuel.
The flamethrower has two fire options:
Cinder Blast (single tap) fires a phalanx of fire that explodes on contact with the target, causes X damage and consumes 20 fuel.
Eraser (constant tap) shoots a tongue of fire that burns everything in a straight line, causes X damage and consumes 2 fuel, the more fire is channeled the more damage will increase.

  • In both attacks, the fire will stick to the enemy and continue to cause damage over time for 5sec.

Magma Mortar
shoots 3 heavy grenades that will explode a medium area.
Each grenade will release a viscous substance that will cover the entire affected area and expand to set fire to enemies and surrounding areas.

  • Enemies inside will reduce their speed by 50% and suffer constant damage that will increase over time.
  • One grenade will be fired for each line.

Thermobaric Converter
any incendiary damage suffered by the hero will be converted into health for the hero.

Heat Grid
when the hero takes no damage, it constantly regenerates ammo or fuel and boosts its damage by 75%

image Tanked Up

is a large robot with a pentagonal base shape and a triangular outer shell that covers the entire front hull.
Legs are shorts limiting its movement speed as for the arms limited only for the use of the weapons.
Is completely red except the frontal armor completely gray with some dents in relief.

It’s weapon: Heavy Flamer
Is a large auto cannon with a moving barrel.
has a low rate of fire and is not very accurate because of the recoil, but has high damage and has a lot of ammunition.

Class: LMG
Fire Rate: 10.10 / 50 during [Eraser] mode
Ammunition capacity: 100
Reload Speed: 2.30 sec
Damage: High

all icons are taken from around the forum and


Really cool concept! I love the thought behind its abilities and its unique design.
The backstory is a nice touch to help with building characters and which really gives more depth to it. It’s also an expansion to the current storyline. I’d love to call it canon

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