New Hero Concept: Elephant - Super Heavy Bipedal Armoured Tank

Element: Energy Icon_ElementEnergy
Faction: UAFA Faction_ColorIcon
Position: Frontline

Hp 4.5/5
Armor 4.5/5
Damage 2.5/5
Skills 3/5

Tech: Colonel, this was a failure since the 50’s. I don’t know where you got the blueprints from and I wouldn’t presume to ask, but if I’m being honest you’re just throwing money away.
Colonel: I appreciate your opinion soldier, but I have my own plans and if this goes well we can start mass production.
Tech: but sir, we can’t even refill the water containers…
Colonel: how long before the first one is ready?
Tech: … About six months, sir.
Colonel: I want it within three
Tech: but… ugh

Heavy Tank - Super Defender - Immovable Object - Glass Cannon - Risky Challanger

  • The MK. E or ‘‘super heavy bipedal armoured tank’’ was supposed to be a bipedal variant of an old model of tracked tank.
  • Plans were made in an Indian gunsmith’s factory, but no further progress was made beyond the first prototype.
  • It was too large and heavy, the electronics required too much energy and it cost a lot of money to repair, in addition to various technical an mechanical problems it also lacked armament.
  • Wesson spent millions to get the original designs and millions more to modernise it, the new model has even heavier armour and an automatic howitzer cannon and also looks like an elephant.

01_Bronze Stall
Takes damage from allies.
For 10sec every damage suffered by allies will be channeled to the hero and transformed into extra health, which will then be consumed to generate a shockwave that will cause Icon_ElementEnergy damage equal to this amount.

  • Surviving nemies with 10% less health than the hero will be also paralyzed for 3.5 sec.
  • During [Stall] the hero can’t perform any actions.

02_Silver Envelope
Turns 50% of its current health into extra health.

  • further uses will only transform 5% of it

03_Gold Insurmountable
Now [Stall] clears allies of negative effects by transferring them to itself for the remaining seconds and copies each positive effect once

04_Plat Mutual Response
When allies take damage, the hero restores health.
When the hero suffers damage, allies restore health.

05_Ruby Tanked Up

a large, elephant-like robot.
It is as wide as Galante and a little taller than Mk. 2, has no head, is slightly bent in front.
To keep it so “conventionally small”, a super-dense alloy was used, which makes it weigh 169 tonnes net.
little to say, it doesn’t fit in the boot.

Its Weapon: UOT Auto Howitzer
It’s a very large machine gun.
It has a very low rate of fire and sustained damage, quite accurate with tap fire but becomes very inaccurate on auto fire.
It has a disc magazine on top containing 30 rounds with a medium reload speed.

Class: LMG
Shooting Rate: 6.10
Ammunition Capacity: 30
Reload Speed: 1.60 sec
Damage: Medium

All icons were taken from around the forum


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