New Hero Concept: Decibel - Full Volume Rhythms

Element: Astral image
Faction: Mercenaries Unaffiliated
Position: Rearline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

Random Guy: YO, WHAT TIME IS IT?
Random Girl: ME TOO

Full Support

  • David doesn’t care about the war itself, he wanders the neighbouring areas of rebel camps or other factions gathering civilians and a few soldiers under one roof (when there is one) to party, then what happens when he leaves is none of his business.
  • When he’s not partying he’s always somewhere making provisions or adding a few extra amps.
  • He owes Torque several beers

audio-cassette bronze ver. Melody Change
Changes music genre each time the skill is activated.
Each melody changes the weapon’s attack type and effects [30 beats per minute].

  • Nightcore - more frenetic pace, increases the weapon’s bpm and damage
  • Hardcore - balanced pace, default weapon bpm and damage
  • Daycore - slower pace, converts weapon damage into health

30 Beats Per Second
generates different sound waves, which can have different effects depending on the melody being used.
Nightcore - generates more shockwaves and causes damage to enemies.
Hardcore - generates waves that destabilise the enemy.
Daycore - heals allies and increases their perception.

  • it lasts 5sec; damage, heal and amount of waves generated depends on the melody.

Bass Boost
Boosts the weapon’s speakers by adding extra sound waves when attacking or using [30 beats per second].

  • These extra sound waves are immune to [Melody Change] and cause disorientation and staggering whenever hitting an enemy.

Drop the Beat
when this hero isn’t under fire, he constantly accumulates energy at a rate of 1% every 0.5sec.
When the counter is at maximum, it will release a violent sound explosion that has a 50% chance of stunning or causing image damage to all heroes on the field.

  • When a hero recovers from being stunned, they will remain dazed until the end of the game.

05_Ruby Doing Damage

he is a boy of medium height, has bright brown hair and is thin.
He has a speech impediment that causes him to add a ‘V’ every time he speaks.
He wears simple clothes, a long T-shirt, jacket, cargo trousers and running shoes, a hat with the visor on backwards, a pair of barred party glasses and a pair of headphones on his neck; all coloured in very bright primary colours.

His Weapon: Flying Piano Mod. PTTEOT (party till the end of time)
it is a flying DJ station modified by decibel himself with extra speakers, keypad, soundboard, subbufer, stereo system, adapters, amplifiers, keyboard piano, several mircrophones almost always broken, other things I can’t remember what they are called and a Karaoke.

Class: Special
Beats-per-minutes: Depens on the melody
Battery durability: 69%
Battery recharge: automavically recharge overtime
Beats Damage or Heal: Depends on the melody

All icons are taken from around the forum and


The battlefield about to turn into the disco floor with this man.

Would be lovely to have someone who blasts core music in my ears while i’m slaughtering in pvp.
He said with a grin :skull:

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He going to do collab with Siren

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